Frozen Shoulder - Pain gone and range of motion restored: 

      I was suffering from a terrible condition called "Frozen Shoulder."  The extreme pain never stopped. I could't left my arm, and if I bumped        my shoulder into something, I felt a deep, stabbing pain that lasted for a long time. It kept me from sleeping and I became exhausted. 

           Dr. Jay knew exactly what I was feeling, because he had suffered from a frozen shoulder in the past. He combined the best parts of                many techniques into one highly effective technique. 

           I can move my arm without pain. I have great range of motion and I sleep all night.  Thank You!

     Peggy Minnison, Sales

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   Thank you for making me better: 

          I've never been in so much pain before.  I don't know what I would have done without you.  Thank you so much for the relief. 

          On my way to Paris!  I'll be in touch if I need your advice while I'm away, but I have my list of exercises packed, and I will carry a lighter            bag -  Promise :-). 

     Truli Halpern, Occupational Therapist