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                      My comprehensive, highly effective approach:  


1. CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS:  Any irritated nerves in the upper spine are calmed. This is a very          common cause of headaches.

2. CRANIAL RELEASE TECHNIQUES: The skull must be gently rocked backwards, where it should     

    be, to eliminate any pressure on the cranial nerves. These nerves cause the neck muscles to become              tight, as well as being a common source of pain. Relieve the cranial nerve pressure / relieve the tension        in the neck. Especially the nagging type of tension, usually felt by most people with headaches, at the        top of the neck, at base of the skull.

3. TRIGGER POINT THERAPY:  Trigger points are tight, usually painful spots, in the muscles that     

    support the head.  They can cause local pain, and they can refer pain and tension to the head.   

4. FASCIAL RELEASE:  Fascia is the tissue found between the skin and the muscles, and it is found     

    between muscles. If it is tight, it will act as glue, sticking the tissues together. This is a major cause of    

    tension headaches.  Fascia can be gently softened,  which allows the tissues to glide freely over each            other. This greatly helps to decrease the tension and pain that is commonly experienced on the skull          and the forehead.

5. FIBROSIS REMODELING:  Fibrosis is a thickening of the fascia, and it is common with headache     

    sufferers. It is caused by: trauma, repetitive motion, improper body mechanics and, just getting older.

    Fibrosis must also be specifically located to be treated effectively.  It must also, gently, be made more            elastic. This decreases tension and reduces pain. 

6. TMJ: The jaw joint is a very common source of headaches.  A comprehensive treatment for headaches          would not be complete without examing and treating the TMJ. 

6. ACUPUNCTURE:   If you are willing to try Acupuncture, I highly recommend: 

       -  BATTLEFIELD AURICULAR ACUPUNCTURE ( Ear Acupuncture ): Finally, if any headaches                    remain, this incredible technique, created to relieve pain immediately for soldiers injured on the

          battlefield, will usually eliminate them. Sometimes this technique will eliminate the head-

          aches without the use of any other techniques. It is a very gentle, but powerful weapon against                 headaches.  

       -  Dao Acupuncture: is a very specialized technique from South Korea. What makes it so special and              effective when treating headaches, is the needle we use.  It has a specialized tip that relaxes the                muscles exceedingly quickly. 

                   Don't suffer needlessly from headaches.  

The above approach addresses the common causes of headaches in a logical, organized and highly effective way.  This approach works for the vast majority of headache sufferers, including migraines,  In the unlikely event that you don't respond to this approach, we will discuss the possibility of a referral for a more comprehensive evaluation, possibly including advanced imaging such as MRI and CT. 

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