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                                                                        Shellys   Story



Mid September 2017 I woke up and stepped out of bed only to be met with excruciating pain in both my feet.

I could barely hobble to the bathroom. I had no idea what caused this pain. 

I managed to get ready for work. Every time I went from lying to standing or sitting to standing I would 

feel this unbearable pain in my insteps and heels. Walking became something I dreaded - and could barely do. 

I tried OTC medications and  Epsom salt bath and massage - nothing worked.


After 2-3 weeks  I sought assistance of a physical therapist and podiatrist who  told me I had Plantar Fasciitis. 

     I received PT exercises and a cortisone injection, icing as well as splits to wear at night.

          These helped a little but basically life was changed. I could barely make to work.


         I sat outside grocery stores and realized I could not walk around the store to shop.

         I could not clean my house, exercise, walk the dog, shop or attend/enjoy most family events.

                                        These activities caused too much pain. 

         Our daughter is getting married in the spring and I was unable to fully participate in planning for this.

When she went bridal dress shopping I had to sit on the floor of the store and was in so much pain-after

 one store –I had to go home.


I also thought I would have go on disability at work.


Life was not enjoyable and I understood why people with chronic pain become depressed.


I was so disappointed that I had to forgo my Thanksgiving United Way Turkey Trot walk for charity...

      after 2 months of treatment, I could barely walk in my home let alone do a 3 mile walk for charity.


I had gained 10 pounds.  I told myself this was no way to live and things were not really improving. 


After suffering for 2 months I sought out treatment with Dr. Jay Scampole. Well, I began to get my life back.

After my 1st treatment with Dr. Scampole I could see improvement. The pain was greatly diminished and I could

walk better.

                                           Wow- there was hope !

I would have done anything within my power to get rid of this pain and I thought- I have found the solution with

   Dr. Jay Scampole.


After the 2ond treatment     

                                         Even more improvement - I was over the moon !

After the 3rd treatment   (these were once a week) I could not believe my improvement!

I could walk my dog, shop, go to yoga, the pain was almost gone, and my feet and toes were so flexible.

Even the redness, swelling and tightness in my calves were eliminated.


After the 4th treatment I did a little dance in front of Dr. Scampole. I was  so worried I would not be able to dance

with my husband at our  daughter’s wedding or even enjoy the wedding.


Now, I am so  grateful to have my life back! I am back to all my normal activities-working slowing to increase my

tolerance and endurance. I cannot thank Dr. Jay Scampole enough for helping me get to get back on my feet-literally.

I will continue maintenance treatment with Dr. Jay forever- while I will not need to do this every week now-I never,

never want this to come back-EVER! People really suffer with Plantar Faciitis and I am writing this to help others now

that I know how life altering the pain of this disorder will cripple your life. There is hope....... if you get the correct

person to help you.


      Dr. Scampole"s 45 minute treatments combine many different techniques that  focus on:

  • releasing trapped nerves that often causes Plantar Fasciitis

  • decreasing inflammation that increases pain

  • increasing  blood supply to muscles and tendons

  • moving all the joints of the foot which restores freedom of motion

  • softening fascia on the bottom of the foot that is tight & inflexible

  • releasing trigger points, which can refer pain to other parts of the leg and foot

  • remodeling scar tissue which allows the joints to move more freely

              It takes many techniques from multiple professions to accomplish this well. 

Dr. Scampole is licensed in Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Medical Massage. By combining these higly effective, and necessary professions, and with 30 years of knowledge, he can get you back in the game of living again. 

Dr. Jay Scampole DC, LMT, CIDN, FIAMA

    ​            Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Integrated Dry Needling, IASTM

​                                                                                  (30 years experience)

       Treatments:  45 minutes, 1 time per week

               - People usually experience significant relief within 1-2 treatments

               - Home care for your convenience

                                     Get YOUR life back !

                     Call:   561-674-1205  for your appointment

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